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In the markets of Kiev sell amazing varieties of frozen fish

Walking through food markets of Kyiv, it is impossible not to pay attention to the diversity of species of frozen fish sold on the open points. There is a range around the world, ranging from herring and hake and ending with tuna, womera, seaweed and caviar.

Fantasy fish sellers will not leave indifferent person a little razbirauschegosya varieties of ocean fish and fish aquaculture production.

Among the many species first catch the eye: blue hake, Royal hake, silver hake, shrimp, sea catfish, and of course fish elephant.

Now let’s try to decipher what is hidden under these trade names invented by creative sellers of fish.

Let’s start with the diversity of Chekov. In nature is found many species of hake European hake (hake) – Merluccius merluccius, silver hake M. bilinearis, Cape M. capensis. Pacific – M. productus. Chilean M. gayi. new Zealand – M. australis. the Argentine M. hubbsi. M. senegalensis Senegalese. and M. angustimanus. M. albidus. M. polii. M. paradoxus .

Main types of hake supplied to Ukraine: this Pacific Merluccius productus . Argentine Merluccius hubbsi and Merluccius gayi Chilean little .

Prismotrevshis boxes and labels, see the following:

1) Under blue hides hake southern blue whiting (Micromesistius austarlis). And here is the logic, because some customers will have time to explain. it’s not the small blue whiting from Norway that is sold on the next point on the 10 hryvnia cheaper.

2) Royal Hyuk – Argentina (Merluccius hubbsi), and the Royal, because it looks the same as the Pacific Merluccius productus, but is on average 5-6 USD more expensive per kilogram.

3) silver hake – he is Pacific (Merluccius productus).

4) Shrimp fish – kingklip or Congreve (Genypterus Blacodes), is so named due to the fact that feeds on shellfish. The pink tint of her skin spotted, also, really like the color of shrimp. Although some buyers think that it is so called because it tastes like shrimp, which significantly increases the sales of this fish. A more correct common name – krevetochnym.

5) Sea catfish (often the sole) is of course the pangasius, because that is the only Ukrainians mangled this name than tortured sellers, who decided to call this fish a more familiar name. Truth in this title is because the pangasius belongs to the family somovyh, but it is grown in freshwater Mekong, not in the sea.

6) First place for creativity in creating brand names, in our view, is the elephant fish . What directed, who invented this name is unknown, maybe the color of the meat, similar to ivory, maybe something else, but so far it is a mystery. It turns out that under the fish elephant at some outlets hiding the skinned carcass Grenadier (Coelorhynchus fasciatus), supplied to the market of Ukraine from Spain.

According to the law of Ukraine on nutrition labelling N487 from markirovka food and the way it is performed,shall not:

a) mislead the consumer in relation to:

characteristics of a food product, particularly its nature, identity, properties, composition, structure, quantity, time characteristics of suitability (storage), origin, method of production;

unfounded information about the properties of the food product which it does not have;

contain message concerning the special properties of the food product, when all similar products have the same properties;

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