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MOSFET – Compatible aquarium fish

There are many different species of aquarium fish and when selecting an important principle is their compatibility. To pay attention to this important point should be before purchasing the fish and putting them all in one aquarium. The main criterion in the decision of this question is the similarity of habitat of various fish species. In an aquarium you can put fish that are close in their vital needs, habitat, habits and temperament. For example, consider that harasimovich fish you can’t repopulate with silovymi, as the latter significantly more aggressive than the first. In addition, most of the Cichlidae fish lives in an alkaline environment, not acidic.

Known fact that to accommodate the aquarium and freshwater and marine fish is unacceptable. Novice aquarists often make many mistakes due to misinterpretation of the level of water hardness and acid-base balance a variety of freshwater biotopes. As a rule, fish is best adapted in those aquaria, where they created the conditions closest to natural. Definitely should be similar to the water temperature. Some species of fish may hit Your aquarium of calm water, others from fast flowing rivers, which means that the same conditions of existence clearly they do not fit. For some, fish is preferable to the presence of rocky bottom, for drogamed the importance of thickets of aquatic vegetation or Vice versa – open space, one requires bright light, others dim. All these factors must be taken into account when creating habitat for appropriate species.

Also, you need to pre-specify the depth at which they are usually kept, that is where their food is. It is recommended to combine in one aquarium fish that dwell at different layers of the water – surface, column and bottom, in order make full use the space of Your aquarium.

The important point is the updating of information about the behavior of the fish during spawning, since some fish species are very religious about their masonry, and very fiercely defend it, and thus can injure or even kill him accidentally passing strangers. Given these features, it is recommended that the time of spawning to stock up a separate aquarium, to be able to move for a while and save all the fish.

It is desirable that the size of all fish was approximately the same. Because larger individuals may be tempted to eat more than minor, if the host I’m running late with the food. Before going to the pet store for new residents, it is necessary to read the literature about their nature and habits, and pay attention to their possible sizes in adulthood. Often, tempted by the bright color and playful behavior, the owner finds himself in an aquarium nocturnal predator.

You should not rely only on the information of the seller that all purchased fish will coexist peacefully, as, for example, in the aquarium in the pet store. Indeed, they sometimes are totally incompatible fish, but usually it is the young, still immature to territorial conflicts. Besides, in the pet shop, as a rule, fish are scared, and so she is absolutely not to clarify the relationship.

Adhering to all of the above recommendations You will be able to create the ideal conditions for harmonious coexistence of the inhabitants of Your aquarium.

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