Ornamental fish pond: types, content (articles)
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Dangerous inhabitants of the sea
Part 4. Stabbing fish. Resting on the sea and face under water with all its inhabitants, man can become damaged from some dangerous fishes, having on his body of the…

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Fish catfish. Fishing for catfish

Catfish — fish–giant. It is the largest predator that lives in fresh water. Belongs to the family somovyh. Representatives of this family are peculiar to the clumsy, highly elongated, spindle-shaped body, naked or covered with bony plates. The head is relatively large, tapered. Mouth wide, with numerous small teeth having the shape of a cone.

To this family belongs more than 550 species that live in fresh waters. Most likes deep standing water and is muddy. Catfish hunt, lying on the bottom motionless waiting for prey.

In reservoirs of Russia, the spread of ordinary som. It sometimes reaches a length of 3 m, weight 300 kg. Scientists believe that these giants are about 80-100 years, but most caught catfish weighing 10-20 kg. Their body is covered with a thick layer of mucus, the skin is dark with a greenish tint. The fins are yellow, sometimes reddish small dark fin on the back and a very long anal fin. The head is blunt and tapered with two long whitish whiskers on the upper jaw. On the lower jaw or four yellowish mustache. Whiskers are a kind of tentacles, with which the catfish finds food even in the dark. Big moustache are his bait for fish: burrowing into the mud, he stirs them slightly, attracting prey.Despite the impressive size, catfish has small eyes with black pupils. Catfish food are fish, crayfish, frogs, worms, and other animals. A victim can become birds, animals. There were rumors that this fish can attack and per person: one day in the belly of a catfish discovered the body of a little boy. Com nurse ponds. He eats weak or already dead fish, drowned animals.

Catfish usually spend their lives in one place and rarely migrates to another camp, if only it would not force any circumstances. Prefers to stay snag seats, whirlpools.

Catfish reach sexual maturity at 3-4 year of life, spawning occurs when the water warms up to 20 °C. they Spawn in pairs. You can easily identify the habitat of the catfish during this period, as the spawning is preceded by courtship, is quite noisy. The spawning female seeks out a quiet place with a weak current or without it, building a primitive nest of seaweed or dig a shallow hole in the sand. The female lays quite large eggs. Soms peculiar care of the offspring, so the male guards the eggs until fry. After spawning catfish, migrated to summer camps, are particularly harmful for other fish: they begin post spawning feeding period. It lasts until the middle of summer, then begins to subside. At the first frost som at all may stop feeding. He is very sensitive to cold. On hot days soma sometimes float to the surface of the water. Somata more mobile and can become prey to fishermen, when you come to small places near the shore.

Catfish is easy to spot on the trail in the water during the movement, bursts.

Catfish hunt based on smell, so as the bait is most often used food waste, missing meat, etc. Often add a singed in the fire of the bait. Going fishing for catfish, supplies a strong tackle. Patience, composure and calmness is the key to successful fishing.

Catfish meat is very appreciated and has few bones, although large fish are too fatty.

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