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The explanation of the appearance of fish aquarium in every home are different. Some people prefer calming the turbulence in the aquarium, silent creatures, someone lost at the insistent request of her younger child.

There are even those who decide that the aquarium is missing in their almost perfect interior, some follow a General fashion, involving the mandatory presence of the aquarium, or listen to the recommendations of the Eastern teachings of Feng Shui, which promises in this case the material welfare of the inhabitants of the house .

Unfortunately, in most cases, newbies buy first either visually pleasurable aquarium. or any favourite fish. As a result, the aquarium may be too large or too small for new residents, or militant types of fish will destroy more than harmless small fish and algae. There are a number of conditions that must be met not only for the comfortable existence of fishes, but also for their life – the violation immediately leads to death.

Of course, ideally you should consciously approach to the selection of aquarium fish, inquiring the information in the literature or in consultation with experienced aquarists. But we’ll show you some of the moments of the correct choice that will help to Orient the choice.

The choice of aquarium fish: the main criteria

• Neobhodimosti for individuals of each species:

the aquarium is too large or small for a particular species of fish or for the desired amount of aquarium inhabitants.

• The compatibility of different fish species:

compatible fish of this species with existing residents;

• The size of an adult specimen:

if the fish is too small or large compared to other fish;

• The nature of specific fish species:

calm but excitable fish are unlikely to feel comfortable with a brisk and lively fish;

• Features of conditions for each type:

this refers to different demands to water composition and temperature, aquarium soil, lighting, etc.; some fish will destroy any aquatic plants or love to burrow his head in the sand;

• Feeding habits:

omnivorous and predatory fish can not be kept with fish that eat algae and feed;

• The sex of the fish:

even if we are talking about fishes of the same or related species, males often fight, defending the championship – however, as in all nature;

• The need for the presence of a “group” – jamb:

there are species that do not tolerate the presence of representatives of its own kind, in contrast to those who in natural conditions used to gather in shoals for protection;

• Health status:

sick fish can easily be identified visually for uniformity of color, as fins (not broken and smooth), type of scales (the patient specimen it is a dull, with bald spots).

Experts usually recommend to start this exciting experience with swordtails, guppies and catfish. For they will have plenty of aquarium of medium size and minimum equipment for care, and special difcult conditions they require.

Armed with knowledge, you can go to the store. Do not refuse the help of sales assistants, but remember that their main task is to sell, so keep your eyes peeled – you already know a bit about aquarium fish!

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