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How to cook catfish Som refers to marine and freshwater fish. The body mass reaches up to 30 pounds. Sea catfish similar to freshwater, they have the same moustache, chest…

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About the benefits of fish
Irreplaceable fish The main source of protein in my diet is fish, unlike meat, the protein contained in fish is easily digested. Fish, unlike mushrooms. has no contraindications and can…

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On this page You will get complete information on goldfish.

Today there are several dozen varieties and breeds of goldfish. The body shape of common goldfish resembles a goldfish. The main difference between the Golden fish from its wild ancestor is the Golden color of her torso, which may vary from Golden yellow to red.

One of the breeds of goldfish, the comet has an elongated body and very long fins. Its two-bladed tail fin has a deep neckline. The other species – shubunkin, body shape as the common goldfish, only more rounded and some elongated fins. Scales it transparent. Coloring goldfish breed shubunkin can be varied: red, yellow, white, blue, blue, or purple. Valuehost has a short egg-shaped body and an unusual configuration of the tail, divided into two halves: right and left. Standing upright dorsal fin of this fish is large enough. Oranda looks a lot like vualehvostki, but unlike him, has on the head a specific fat build-up. Livingonlove notable for the fact that the dorsal fin is not present. The telescope has a strongly bulging eyes, protruding sideways about five inches.All goldfish have fairly large dimensions, in length, they can reach thirty centimeters.

Contain goldfish need in a large aquarium, the amount of which shall be not less than forty liters per pair of fish. Gold fish species such as common, comet shubunkin or special conditions require. They feel remarkably at water temperatures from 10°C to 30°C, while the optimum temperature for their content is 20-23°C. the Chemical composition of water for these fish also does not matter, the only condition is not recommended to use very soft water. The aquarium must be equipped with constant aeration. Partial water changes should be done once or twice a week.

Goldfish love to dig in the soil, which leads to resuspension of the water. Therefore, it is desirable to establish in the aquarium powerful filtration system, as well as time to clean up the filth deposited on its bottom. For this reason, it is not recommended to put plants in the ground, so like fish they immediately throw up. For them to fit plants that do not need to root, for example, hornwort or Elodea. Goldfish, in body shape significantly changed, such as veiltail, telescope or orangy require more thorough conditions. The water temperature should be 24-26°C.

Diet. Goldfish are voracious and omnivorous. They can be fed any animal and plant food. In the aquarium should be plants such as duckweed and riccia. You can also give goldfish crumbs of white bread and steamed oatmeal. To prevent overeating, food you need to give as much as these fish can eat within fifteen minutes.

Goldfish are very friendly, they can be kept together with other peaceful aquarium fish. With the exception of orangi, livingonlove and telescopes – they must be kept separate from other fish. Categorically it is not desirable to contain in an aquarium with tiger barbs. because they can bite off the tail and fins of the goldfish. Also in the tank with these fish should not be sharp objects and tverdolysti plants.

Goldfish are very hardy and strong, not too demanding on water parameters and other conditions. At home they live long enough. If the fish have started to feel unwell, can be added to the aquarium five grams of salt per liter of water.

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