The most beautiful fish of the ocean.
Mandarin ducks – very tiny colorful fish that live near coral reefs located in the Western regions of the Pacific ocean. The name "Mandarin" she received, thanks to the colorful…

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Suborder Fern stingrays (Myliobatoidei). Sea creatures: Sharks, rays, lampreys, higher fish and other sea encyclopedia. Information portal - the Third planet
The inhabitants of the sea. Encyclopedia. Suborder Fern stingrays (Myliobatoidei) In the suborder Myliobatoidei of the species of Dasyatidae family get together often brightly coloured species, for example, Taeniura lymma…

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The fauna of the Black sea

The flora and fauna of the Black sea is quite diverse, although in recent years, in connection with the anthropogenic activity and has undergone significant changes in its composition and strength. For the most part, the denizens are a species brought from the Mediterranean, here there are even a few relict species. Living organisms can be found at depths up to 150 metres, before the beginning of the hydrogen sulphide layer, which also determines the relative poverty of the animal world, compared to the Mediterranean sea.

Algae of the Black sea includes 270 species of multicellular benthic algae and 600 species of phytoplankton. The most common types are villaflora, kladofora, cistozira, Ulva, Zostera. In the summer the most active development escobilla and ceratium. Common diatoms.

The fauna is even more diverse, it includes more than 2500 species of animals, most of which were unicellular and crustaceans – about 500 species. In second place – shellfish, about 200 species, and only fish 160 species. The rest of the mass consists of numerous species of invertebrate animals.

Molluscs of the Black sea is represented mainly by mussels and oysters that live on the seabed. Common pecten. Also, there is this kind of predator mollusk Rapana, which was entered with Dalnevostochny.

Due to the fact that the main enemies of this creature – the sea stars, are absent in the black sea, Rapana very greatly multiplied in recent decades, and has already destroyed a large portion of scallops and oysters, which are the main objects of the power.

Fish in the Black sea is home to the most diverse: gobies, pipefish, greenfinches, sea ruff, stickleback. Sometimes you can get swordfish. Commercial fish of the Black sea – herring, sturgeon, Khamsa, sprat, mullet, mackerel, tuna, mackerel. All these species are very delicious and are widely used in the food industry. Also, here come fans of sport fishing. Although, big trophies and not even the biggest fish spiny dogfish rarely exceeds a weight of 15 kg, fishing on the Black sea is very fascinating and interesting.

Jellyfish of the Black sea is, first of all, Aurelia and kornerot. Last modet reach sizes of half a meter, but Aurelia is rarely more than 30 centimeters in diameter. Correct may cause minor burns; usually, these jellyfish avoid people, but after the storm they found washed ashore in packs. Soon they swim away again into the open sea.

Black sea dolphins is represented by three species – azovka, Bonn conventions and the bottlenose Dolphin. It employs bottlenose dolphins in dolphinariums and easily trainable. Another type of mammal is the white-bellied seal.

Man-eating sharks in the Black sea do not live, there are only two types – Katran and scyllium. Both species live in the open sea, don’t attack people and feed on fish. Katran is used for food, its meat is very tasty and is included in the recipes for many delicacies.

The most dangerous marine animals – it’s black sea Scorpion, sea dragon and the Stingray. There are also two species of jellyfish that leave severe burns. Fortunately, these animals rarely appear where there are people and try to avoid them.

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