Dangerous inhabitants of the sea

Part 4. Stabbing fish.

Resting on the sea and face under water with all its inhabitants, man can become damaged from some dangerous fishes, having on his body of the poisonous spines. In addition, eating particular fish, you need to be sure that the meat is not poisonous. While poisoning from meat fish, need to know how to neutralize him.

The Scorpion. Scorpion fish live in tropical and temperate zones, but are also found in Arctic waters. The family of skorinova includes about 330 species of fish. Most of the scorpaenidae are able to masquerade as the surrounding background, changing color, and use of poisonous dorsal spines for protection from enemies. Live in shallow waters, near rocky coasts, in shallow bays, at depths not exceeding $ 100 M.

Fish-dogs. Belong to the order skalozubov (Tetraodontoidea). More than 90 known species of these fish. Different from other the ability to swell. They swallow large quantities of water or air. Individual species are able to bite severely, but the main danger is the meat of the fish-dog. Prepared incorrectly, this fish can cause instant death, as in her skin and internal organs contain a strong neurotoxin. When gutting the insides emit a fetid smell.

Despite this, in Japan there are special restaurants where they cook the fish.The dishes are very expensive. But not expert to cook this fish is not recommended.

Scien-eagle, or eagle Croaker (Sciaena aquila). Reaches 2 m in length and weight 20 kg. Dangerous because when playing very violently resists and can even knock a person kick tail. Found in the Atlantic (excluding the most Northern and most southern parts) and the Mediterranean sea.

Soma. Among the more than 1200 species of catfishes distributed in fresh waters and in the seas, there are those who have a poison apparatus. The latter consists of a skin covered with sharp spikes located directly in front of the soft rays of the pectoral and dorsal fins, and venomous glands. The spikes of some species of catfish have serrated edges, so the wounds from such injections can be large and ragged.

The symptoms of the injection spines of catfish are: sudden and acute, sometimes extensive pain, not passing a long time (up to 2 days). It may come as a shock. The skin around the wound turns white, then turns blue and becomes inflamed. Sometimes occurs purulent inflammation, ending in gangrene. The wounds may fail to heal for several weeks. A shot of some catfish that live in the tropics, can lead to death.

The triggerfish (family Balistidae, the squad skalozubov Tetraodontoidea). These close relatives of the dog-fish are dangerous to divers in the mating period when the large male laid by the female guards the eggs. Masonry sand is arranged in recesses on coral reefs. The male typically pounces on a passing near the nest of the submariner. His sharp teeth he can easily bite through the underwater suit thickness up to 5 mm.

Tarpon. Distributed in the waters of the Caribbean. Dangerous because when playing high and rapidly jumps out of the water, thereby may cause injury to the angler.

Fugu. The Japanese name of the dog-fish.

Chimera. Squad hyperoartia belong to the group of cartilaginous fishes. Schooling fish. Prefer to stay on the bottom. Reach a length of 50 cm to 2 m Have a rather repulsive appearance. Body compressed laterally, and tapers gradually to a thin tail. Strongly developed pectoral fins. There is a strong spike at the leading edge of the first dorsal fin.

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