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Fish for pond

Today, many gardeners strive to create a beautiful pond on the site, but fill it with amazing fish . different types of which there are plenty. The fish pond is really a great option which allows you to make the garden more lively, bright and attractive. Colorful fish are not only surprising for its beauty, but also make the pond even more original. In addition, there is the practical side – the fish consume mosquito larvae and other insects, which makes the stay in the garden more relaxing and enjoyable.

However, before launching into the pond any fish . you need to get acquainted with all the nuances of this field. Any fish in the pond . regardless of its kind, always rather fanciful as to environment and food. Therefore, before you purchase any fish . you need to know about the conditions of their detention, feeding, and also about the features of each type of pond fish .

You first need to determine the choice of fish . In this case, are important dimensions of the pond . For each type of fish requires certain conditions. For example, the sizes of a pond for carp should be not less than eight square meters with a depth of not less than five feet. But there is another kind of fish . it does not require any special conditions. Subun-cinii gold fish – this fish in a pond can live in the pond any size. Most importantly, you must ensure that in winter the water in the pond is not delayed by ice.

In addition, also important is the color and the size of the fish . Small and dark fish are only suitable for small ponds. In large ponds these fish almost invisible. Therefore, in the case of large reservoirs it is best to choose large and brightly colored fish . This fish pond will be always visible, that will attract to the water the attention of others.

Choosing fish for your pond, you must also consider the state of their health. Sick fish . once in the pond . immediately infect others. That is why, buying pond fish in the store, you need to pay special attention to their appearance. Bright color is not always indicative of good health of the fish . Fish health is determined by the bright color of the eyes, erect dorsal fin, the mobility and integrity of the scales. This fish in the pond can be used to buy.

In addition, it is important to take into account while buying fish . As a rule, the best time is late spring or early summer, when water temperature in ponds is the most optimal. You need to buy multiple copies of the same species . as alone fish for pond behave quite restless. The number of fish in the pond depends on how the water is saturated with oxygen. All fish for the pond must feel at ease that affects her health and behavior.

After the fish were purchased, it is necessary to prepare them for the pond water. You cannot run fish in the pond . First of all, the package with pond fishing fish, you need a few hours to drop into the pond. Then in this package you must add a little pond water. And only after some time you can release fish into the pond.

Feeding the fish requires special attention. The main rule is not to overfeed. Released fish into the pond to find food. But fed will still be required, especially in the spring and summer seasons, when fish are particularly active. Feed fish no more than twice a day, not leaving food in the water for a long time.

Proper care of fish pond fishing will create a magnificent pond with colorful and bright fish . which will always attract the attention of others.

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