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Fish in the pond at the cottage

I live in the pond and successfully overwinter wild crucians and bleak. For the summer produced by goldfish (comet rock) and small koi, but the experience of overwintering in such a small volume and in small, in General, the depth is often unsuccessful, so you have to translate them for the winter in the aquarium.

Since it is known that fish suffer in the winter from the cold and from lack of oxygen and due to an excess of putrefactive gases, we tried to ventilate the pond in the winter months. In any case, we should start with the most careful harvesting of plant residues in the fall is to cut and remove the dying leaves of the Nymphaeum, to catch fallen leaves, you can compost excess plants grown .

Now on sale a lot of any devices for the wintering of fish in a pond. First we tried a “hole warmer” Polish production (at least so was claimed).

This design we did not like. First, its 300 watts is expensive in the “warmer” winter. Also it is not very secure to leave such a power without supervision – had to do separate output electricity with protective cutout device. This measure was not in vain – in the middle of winter in the instrument razgermetizatsija the heating element and shorted. In General, an expensive device ended his life in the garbage. I had to think like podnyatsya mood.

So for the third year we use a compressor that pumps air under the ice. Know that so do many professional fish breeders.

By the way, from friends in the same way, but in the larger pond size and depth each year overwinter well not only crucians, and goldfish. Air bubbles stirred the water, and not allowed to develop anaerobic (airless) decay with the release of hydrogen sulfide and other toxic to pond inhabitants gases. The compressor output is only 20 watts is much better in terms of both safety and costs. Of course, this is not a simple aquarium compressor, and the model designed for the street and capable of working in subzero temperatures. The compressor is installed in a Styrofoam box, and the hose of the air insulated plumbing tube it helps to slightly warm the air before serving. Of course, the box is additionally thoroughly protected from precipitation. However I want to caution against the use of the compressor of the owners of very small and shallow ponds of water mixing and injection of cold air can freeze water the bottom up. But ponds. arranged below the depth of freezing, use the earth’s heat. With a little frost over the place where the bubbles rise, water is kept open, then the ice freezes “the dome”, but the air continues to come out.

Spring pond is included with the compressor melts much faster, and regularly stir the water warms up better. We keep the compressor on until the beginning of may. In the first year turned off immediately after the ice melts, and it turned out troubles successfully overwintered goldfish, still sleepy and sluggish in cold water, left for better-warmed shallow waters, where they were quickly caught by crows.

In short, the breeding of fish in a pond – is a science. But if you don’t want to go into details, just run in the pond a couple of crucians or bulls-Rotanov. Most likely, they successfully take root, although the eye will appear not often. But your mosquito pond “produce” certainly will not be.

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