Aquarium fish catfish: the external signs and conditions of detention
There are about 1200 species of catfishes that are divided into 31 families and 150 genera. Typical external characteristics, distribution, conditions of keeping and feeding of catfish, will be discussed…

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About the benefits of fish
Irreplaceable fish The main source of protein in my diet is fish, unlike meat, the protein contained in fish is easily digested. Fish, unlike mushrooms. has no contraindications and can…

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Suborder Fern stingrays (Myliobatoidei). Sea creatures: Sharks, rays, lampreys, higher fish and other sea encyclopedia. Information portal – the Third planet

The inhabitants of the sea. Encyclopedia.

Suborder Fern stingrays (Myliobatoidei)

In the suborder Myliobatoidei of the species of Dasyatidae family get together often brightly coloured species, for example, Taeniura lymma [31], which is the blue spotted dorsal portion, which makes this fish a desirable inhabitant of aquariums. Members of the genus Taeniura quite common in the Indian ocean, off the coast of Africa and Australia, in the Red and Mediterranean seas.

31. Taeniura lymma

Dasyatis violacea [32] lives in the Mediterranean sea. Other species of the genus Dasyatis live in tropical seas, and some live in large rivers of South America and Africa. Sharp tail thorn these rays can inflict painful wounds.

32. Dasyatis violacea

Family Urolophidae Urolophus jamaicensis, the most well-known [35], which occurs close to shores of Cuba, Haiti, Trinidad, Jamaica, Yucatan, Southeast Florida and in other areas of the ocean, mainly in the bays with sandy and muddy regions. Has a well developed tail fin. Dorsal side of this Stingray has wolnoobraznae dark green figure, with small whitish, yellowish or Golden spots. Color the color variability is very high. Dangerous to humans, as it can inflict a serious wound to tail spike at the base catalogresolver poison gland. Feeds on worms, crabs and sometimes small fishes.

35. Urolophus jamaicensis

Small ramps (length about 1 m) of the family Myliobatidae have a wide distribution, avoiding only the most cold-water marine areas. Common bracken occurs in the Eastern Atlantic, in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Western France, England, Scotland, southern Norway, as well as in the Indian ocean and off the coast of South Africa. These stingrays are very beautiful swim – like fly, sometimes they jump out of the water, with the sound falling on its surface. His strong spine located on the tail, fishermen often cause lacerations, which at the same time make poisonous secretions of their glands.

33. Common bracken

The highest values reach the rays of the family Mobulidae, live in tropical oceanic waters. Especially at the shores of America. Manta – Manta birostris [34] has an aerofoil, extended on the sides of the breast and auxiliary paired head fins. In individual instances of body width up to 7 m, and weight up to one ton and more. Every born baby Stingray weighs about 10 pounds. Feed on fish. Live both at the bottom and in the water column.

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