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Shark catfish: the mini-shark in your aquarium

Pangasius is not only a delicious lunch. Siamese pangasius, aka shark or catfish shark aquarium is also a kind of aquarium fish. Those who want to have in your aquarium “shark” miniature Siamese pangasius fit perfectly. How to care for this aquarium fish?

Siamese pangasius (Pangasius hypophthalmus, Pangasius sutchi) referred to as shark catfish or freshwater (aquarium) shark because of his amazing resemblance to a menacing predator. Fortunately, the fresh water shark is much less: in the aquarium fish can grow up to 60 cm in length.

Color of young specimens of shark catfish — grey, with 2 longitudinal silvery stripes on each side. With age, the fish darken and silver stripes disappear. Fins of juveniles of pangasius light gray, with age becoming grey, with silver trim.

To distinguish between the male and female of this species of aquarium fish by body size and coloration. Females are usually larger than males and their color is paler.

Shark catfish is very mobile and skittish fish . always tries to stay at the front or side walls of the aquarium. When “moving” in the tank usually starts to rush in different directions, also can play dead. Fish freezes for 10-20 minutes, and then again comes to life.

It is best to keep the shark catfish in small flocks of 3-4 individuals. In addition, shark catfish will get along with the Labe, large barbs, cichlids, gourami, polypterus. Fish should not be very small. Sometimes shark catfish can interfere with each other, causing each other some serious damage.

Contain aquarium sharks it is necessary in a large aquarium is of 350 L. the quality of the soil used sand, large rocks, driftwood. Aquatic plants should be carefully fixed in the ground.

Water for the aquarium with a Siamese pangasius must have a hardness 2-15°, pH 6.5-8.0, temperature 24 — 29°C. Every week the water in the aquarium to replace approximately 30% of the total. Powerful aeration and filtration: shark catfish doesn’t like old water.

Feeding Siamese pangasius is best done in the evening. In some cases, shark catfish can refuse feed if the room is too light. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce the brightness of the lighting during the feeding.

What to feed catfish shark? You can give them Tubifex, bloodworms, live and frozen lean fish, squid, shredded beef, beef heart. You can feed pangasius granular dry food.

Shark catfish eats quite a lot. Not looking for food on the ground, stones — selects only those particles that are in the water next to him. As a rule, it is recommended to include in the species composition of the aquarium fish that will eat uneaten food on the bottom — this will help to keep the aquarium in good condition.

Shark catfish are active and mobile, not fastidious in food, this fish is perfect for both beginners and experienced aquarists .

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