Red sea, Egypt. Underwater world and the inhabitants of the red sea, fish, map sea

Why is the sea red? The etymology of the name “Red sea” to the end is still not clear. The most common opinion is the presence of water reddish-brown color. This color to it is given in the season of its flowering is a specific type of algae. The ancient Egyptians because of the unusual color of the stones was called the red Land of the desert, bordering the sea. An extraordinary spectacle, when her reflection in the water, changes its color to coral.

Where is Red sea? It is located between the Arabian Peninsula and Africa and is an inland sea of the Indian ocean. The red sea washes the shores of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Israel, Jordan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan and Egypt.

From the underground of divergence of two tectonic plates, more than 20 million years ago, there was a deepening. This depression is called a rift valley. She gradually filled with water. Modern dimensions of the red sea: 306 km – width, and 1932 km – length. The continued movement of tectonic plates continues to further alienate the shores of the red sea from each other. Now the sea is increasing at a rate of 1 cm per year. The red sea is located on seismically active areas and the water temperature of the red sea rift in the recesses reaches 62° C by continuously flowing from the earth’s interior magma. The red sea is the warmest in the world. In winter the water temperature in the Red sea opuskaetsya not below 18° C and even at a depth of 300 m is about 22° C.

The red sea is the saltiest sea in the world. The salinity of its waters is 37-42 %, and at a greater depth to 250-280 %. The salinity of the red sea with higher salinity any ocean of the Earth. Scientists say that millions of years ago before the sea was associated with the Indian ocean from evaporated water, which led to a strong concentration of salt. Today the salinity of the red sea each year continues to increase, mainly due to the tropical heat.

Such conditions give the opportunity to grow luxuriantly all the inhabitants of the red sea. As much as 2 thousand km long coastal strip and coral reefs. The sea is not for nothing called the Kingdom of coral reefs. Underwater world and the inhabitants of the red sea are extremely diverse. One may count over 200 different types of corals, hundreds of species of fish, jellyfish, sponges and starfish. However, long-lived turtles and dolphins remain constant favorites of locals and visitors to the rest of the tourists.

Because of the diversity of the underwater world the Red sea is rightly called the world’s aquarium.

In addition to the rich fauna of the Red sea has another interesting attraction is the wrecks. More than 50, but the most popular with divers is the Thistlegorm (the Thistlegorm) – a British ship sunk by German aircraft on 6 October 1941.


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