Sea bass baked in the oven

How to cook sea bass? Very tasty sea bass baked in the oven. Fish and vegetables and sea bass in the oven turns out excellent.

Sea bass, the fish is a pinkish hue that looks similar in form to the river, though differs from him so much that even applies to another group of fish. I always regretted that marine fish are coming to us, basically, only in frozen form. But when he found out that his sharp fins contain venom glands, after contact with that “bite” not only hurts, but is inflamed, the first time I thought it was good that he was already frozen. So it is much safer.

Attractive sea bass I think the fact that its size is just enough portion for a person. And cooked with vegetables sea bass in the oven is easy dietary and healthy dish for the whole family.


2 sea bass

6 medium tomatoes

2 bell peppers

1-2 large onions

1 leek (optional)


Salt, pepper

Pinch: ground ginger, ground coriander, ground allspice, ground black pepper

Vegetable oil


To start with, of course, the fish must be clean. To do this, remove the scales (she, incidentally, can be easily removed). The fins and tail are cut off kojanniementie. If there is a head, it is cut off and thrown away. Then the inside out. And then you need to carefully remove the black film from the belly. It will have a little trouble, as it is not removed all at once. But, you know, there are no insurmountable tasks. After the fish is processed, rinse it clean under running water, dry with paper towels and separately in a plate or sadochke sprinkle it with a mixture of ground ginger, coriander, ground allspice and ground black pepper. I took all the spices by a pinch on the eyes. You can also do it arbitrarily. So, fish, set aside for marinating. It is desirable that she stood for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the vegetables. All the vegetables should be washed. Peel the onion and cut into thick rings. I love sautéed onions, so I took 2 large onions. But you can do one.

In addition I had the leeks. Not mandatory, but highly recommended product in this dish. It adds softness to the taste. Know of course that the cook used only the white part. Now, the green part to throw, and the white part cut into slices.

Pepper clean from seeds and cut into arbitrary small pieces.

Tomatoes also cut into slices and chopped parsley and dill.

And then you need to take a baking sheet or pan that can be put in the oven. I took this glass refractory shape. And collect our casserole dish. At the bottom of the pan put slices of onion, then on top of onion – half chopped vegetables. Then on this “bed” to lay pickled in spices sea okunuki. And then put the remaining chopped vegetables. Season with salt and pepper, pour a little vegetable oil, cover with foil and send in the oven heated to 200 – 220 degrees.

The form to grease is not necessary. Vegetables during roasting produce a lot of liquid (I saw through his transparent dishes, as she gurgled, half-immersing the dish in your juice). To cook 45 minutes. Then to get, and after 10 minutes serve.

What can I say, we liked sea bass oven baked with vegetables. Will cook again.

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