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What fish (to taste) you can compare the sole? All about food

Halibut, if You sobriete that take. Otherwise it pangasius fillets, idose in Russia under the brand name “sea language”.

Sea languages (Soleidae) are a family of fish squad flatfish. There are about 40 genera of Sea languages. These fish have an oblong, leaf-like body. Distributed in tropical and subtropical seas. Are relatively small fishes: 19-30 cm in length. Some species of Sea languages there are and the length.

Part ichthyologists believe the sole of the superfamily and divided them into two families: right (Soleidae) and left (Cynoglossidae).

The name Sole comes from the Latin and means “soles” due to some similarity of form of Sea languages in a Shoe sole. The term “sole” was initially used in relation to Ruth’s halibut, which was delivered from the English city in London restaurants. This fish was only the local nobility. Subsequently, sole and other species of this genus bambalapitiya having an elongated, leaf-like shape. Also, before he was called-eyed Maritime language, deep-sea language, etc.

Sometimes the sole short-slang called “Fish Salt” from the word Sole, which is present in all names flatfishes. Specialists sometimes use even the word “salt” to the families of flatfish

1 – Great rhombus or turbot 2 — plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) 3 — European sole (Solea vulgaris)

The name sole has recently become popular among Russian buyers of seafood. Many people take language for Marine fish pangasius.

The differences of languages from the Sea pangasius following:

– The sole is a marine fish, while pangasius is a freshwater

– The sole grows in the wild and eats what he ate for millions of years, and pangasius feed.

– the taste of Sea language more subtle

– overall, the quality of the meat of Sea language is much higher; the dishes are served in top restaurants in France

– the price of the sole is considerably higher, although the level of producer prices this fish is considered to be somewhat inflated.

Confusion with Maritime language exists not only in Rossi, but in America, where often in restaurants under this name serves any fish flat shape, especially fillerbunny.

To get the sole more difficult than referred to grow pangasius. For this you need expensive fishing boats or even large motor boats. In 2008 due to the appreciation of motor fuel, many Vietnamese fishermen refused to fish in the sea.

Languages inhabit marine continental shelf to a depth of 20-85 m nearly all of the Vietnamese coast of the South China sea. As well as flounders, they often lie on the bottom and therefore both eyes are on one side of the top from the bottom. Caught with bottom trawls. According to reports, the FAO, the annual catch of Marine language in the area throughout Southeast Asia reaches 30 thousand tons.

Supplied to retail chains in fresh, frozen and salt-dried. In Vietnam Sea language manufacturers produce many kinds of semi-finished products.

Sole leads a night way of life. It can be fished at night on the fishing tackle with sandy beaches and from boats on the depth of its habitat.

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