Pets in the urban jungle - do fish Sleep in an aquarium?
Do fish sleep in an aquarium? What do fish in our aquarium in the afternoon — we can check at any time. And that's what they do at night when…

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What fish (to taste) you can compare the sole? All about food
Halibut, if You sobriete that take. Otherwise it pangasius fillets, idose in Russia under the brand name "sea language". Sea languages (Soleidae) are a family of fish squad flatfish. There…

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Flavoring for fishing, fish, bait, prey

In this article we will tell you how to choose the right fragrance for fishing and for fish. We will reply to you now. We may now someone will defeat the horror, but, in our opinion, the flavors in the majority of cases have an identifiable psychological support by anglers. In the case of the classical step of the transaction . when the bait moves quickly jumps along the bottom, the role of attractants is not as significant as commonly believed. The fish reacts primarily on the lure and not on its smell. Just her in a sense there is no time to sniff. Therefore, when fishing at normal speed wiring flavoring for fish, probably objectively not very useful, though, if you stand in one place and every two or three casts grease jig lure the skunk, with time for exploring the area produces a great aroma to it, which can greatly increase the activity of the predator. Remember how often you have to wiggle the nostrils, going to lunch by an expensive restaurant. However, when properly used flavors for fishing can bring great results. In the first place attractants begin to work, if you apply the transaction baits with long pauses on the bottom. Continue reading

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Fish, types of aquarium fish

Why not it would be bad to have an aquarium

In today’s classical world, many people is under constant pressure and in stressful condition. The occurrence of stress is the cause for the emergence of many other unpleasant situations, with people’s health: high blood pressure, cardiac pain, a variety of psychological disorders. People even cannot remember all circumstances in your daily life that cause such stress. To rid yourself of the worries and stresses you want to use various relaxation methods. One good way to calm down is the purchase of the aquarium, which by the example of his regular life can help to relax after work.

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The most terrible in the world of sea creatures
In the seas and oceans live the most unusual and alien beings on Earth. And some of them look very scary... 1. Fish-frog . Found in the Atlantic, Indian and…


Fish in the Mediterranean sea
Mako shark (Isurus oxyrhinchus) - the champion of the fastest sharks, reaching up to 4 meters long and weight more than half a ton. Belongs to the category of very…